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With twenty years of experience, Micro Shock is a restoration and cleaning company established in 1997 by Mark and Debra Hayes, serving Spokane, Eastern Washington, and Northern Idaho.  We provide odor and mold removal services, carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well as tile and natural stone restoration in residential homes, professional buildings, and health care facilities.  We specialize in carpets and area rugs alike. We also detail vehicles, including RVs and boats. 

Experience and Knowledge

Mark and Debra also have 18 years of experience of providing janitorial services in medical offices, making sure doctors and dentists are ready for their patients the next morning.  Mark’s interest in the cleaning industry began with training at Spokane’s largest hospital. Responsibilities included sterilization and sanitization of surgical rooms and transplant suites, as well as, maintaining a healthy environment throughout the hospital.

This experience and skill-set has put MicroShock at the forefront of cleaning and sterilization at healthcare establishments.  We are dedicated to creating a clean and inviting appearance while being highly skilled in the requirements of healthcare facilities including removal and elimination of blood-borne pathogens, germs, viruses and bacteria.  We attain an overall healthy indoor air quality by removing these odor-causing contaminates.

MircroShock featuring Chlorine Dioxide (CLo2)

Indoor air quality is always a primary concern.  After all, if it does not smell clean, the question arises, “Is it clean and sanitary?”  Our continuing research led us to the true benefits and broad-spectrum use of CLo2. CLo2 has a proven track record in our municipal water systems in the prevention of Biofilm (the slime that bacteria grows in) for more than 60 years.  Grocery stores use CL02 in their water supply to spritz produce for the prevention of bacteria and biofilm. It is, also, used for sterilization in meat and poultry processing plants. 

Indoor air quality is affected by odor causing contaminates. CLo2 eliminates the odor at the source. In addition to eliminating odors and sanitizing the treated area, CLo2 is 100% green! Our proprietary process leaves no footprint like other costly chemicals do. We believe that MircroShock with CLo2 is the perfect compliment to address the ongoing needs of eliminating odors and providing sanitary conditions.

Common odor-causing contaminants :
  *  Bacteria and Viruses
  *  Mold/Mildew
  *  Allergens
  *  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  *  Smoke Damage (tobacco, marijuana and methamphetamines)  
  *  Many others- if you have a need, let us help you!

The Mission Statement of MicroShock: To exceed the customer’s expectations one job at a time.

We are pleased to offer MircroShock featuring CLo2 in the ongoing endeavor to improve services to our customers.  


With twenty years of experience, MicroShock is a restoration and cleaning company locally owned and operated by Mark and Debra Hayes, serving Spokane, Eastern Washington, and Northern Idaho.

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